From Starbucks to Uber, your daily spending influences justice and equity in the world.

It's time to understand your impact.


When you link your existing credit card to our platform, we share insights on how your spending affects the social and environmental causes you care about based on the impact of the businesses you spend with.

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We're building our beta ahead of a 2018 launch. Sign up to get notified when we go live.


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When you set up your Giving Credit account, you select the causes you care about most.

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Because you connected your existing credit card, we see that you shop frequently at Walmart. We let you know that a similar nearby business supports the environment.


We report back on the environmentally friendly changes you've made in your spending.

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Giving Credit enables everyday people to shape the world with their money, by shining a light on the indirect impact of their dollars, by providing location- and behavior-relevant options to shift spending, and by donating credit card rewards to a personalized giving portfolio selected by every cardholder.

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An analysis of your spending by social impact, reporting where your daily spending may have helped or hurt the causes you care about most, in a newsfeed-style format.

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Database-driven social impact cues are shared with every cardholder, with behavioral nudges that shift your spending toward greater impact on the causes you care about.

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A rewards credit card donates 1.5% of every transaction to a weighted giving portfolio of nonprofits you select, and reports back on the outcomes generated by your donations.

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Stay tuned for our 2019 launch.