Do more than vote.

Follow your money to the causes it supports.


Does my favorite coffee company treat their farmers well?

Which airline is investing in lowering their emissions?

How am I impacting income inequality through my spending?

Is my favorite ride-hailing company supporting Middle Eastern tyrants?


Care about the world, much? Want to do more than vote? Every time you spend, you are giving your money to business leaders, social causes, and political candidates who make choices about the world we live in. Giving Credit is opening up the black box of our tangled financial system so you can understand your impact and take action.

Soon, you’ll be able to sign up for Giving Credit to track how the dollars you spend flow through our financial system, through companies who pollute the environment or invest in carbon-neutral manufacturing to political action committees and campaigns.

It’s time to follow your money.

Launching 2019.

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