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Giving Credit empowers everyday consumers to change the world with their spending.


Through three different channels, we provide ways for consumers to increase their social impact, both passively and actively.

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by increasing transparency of the indirect impact of consumer dollars, through proprietary Giving Credit technology, delivered in a newsfeed-style format



by providing location- and behavior-relevant options to shift spending, leveraging technology + transaction data


by donating 1.5% credit card rewards to a personalized giving portfolio selected by every cardholder


What is the basic idea?

Who are our customers

Customer acquisition

What makes us different? Differentiators? Competitive advantage. Giving portfolio. Proprietary tech. Who else is out there?

Customer engagement - sharing outcomes of their donations, newsfeed on impact, nudges.

Revenue streams?

Market size, opportunity?

Rough pro-forma. What's the amount we're asking for?

What are growth next steps?





Market - what is the problem, why does it exist, how big is the opportunity


Business Model - how do you make money, from where, who pays?



Financial overview - expected returns

Funding - how much are you raising and how are you going to use the money?

Milestones? vision for future, next 3 years

Legal status